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 Nos recherches

Nous sommes en train d'effectuer les recherches suivantes sur les nouvelles plateformes MQB.

Nous travaillons actuellement sur un Audi Q7 (4M)


  • ACC - Adaptive Cruise Control Dynamique
  • Régulateur de sécurité
  • Régulateur "Predictive Road"
  • Assistant d'embouteillage - JAM Assist
  • NVS - Vision nocturne
  • HUD - Affichage tête haute
  • Système audio Bang & Olufsen advanced (23 enceintes) / 1'920W
  • Keyless comfort avec ouverture du coffre au pied " Virtual Pedal"
D'ici quelques mois nous serons prêt à proposer et installer les diverses options et ceci également sur d'autres plateforme. ou châssis sur Audi, Volkswagen, Skoda ou Seat.

Egalement nous sommes capable d'ajouter des options que l'usine ne livre pas sur certain châssis ou plateforme mais nous l'intégrons comme si l'usine l'avait monté:
  • Adjonction NVS - Vision nocturne / Night Vision sur le nouveau Audi Q5 (FY)
  • Adjonction SWA - Side Assist sur nouvelle Audi A1 (GB) dès 2019
Nous allons très bientôt l'expérimenter sur un Q5 et une A1 que nous venons de recevoir

Adding Bluetooth - Audi A1 (8X), Q3 (8U), A6 (4G), A7 (4G)

Complete integration of the Bluetooth function on the head unit RMC or Radio Nav LOW2 with or without the Pack Connectivity.

Radio Media Center RMC

  • Hands free function HFP
  • Audio streaming over Bluetooth

340 Frs. (Montage inclus)

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Rear view camera - Audi Q7 (4L) - with 1 camera

Complete set to refresh your multimedia system MMI Navigation & MMI Navigation Plus

  • The system allows to view the area to the rear of the car on the navigation screen.
  • Digital help lines across the screen facilitate parking.
  • These lines rotate according to the angle of lock of the steering wheel and can simulate the direction in which you're
  • The image of the camera also shows the rear bumper, as well as the extension of the towbar (if available)
  • A blue box indicates the amount of space required by your vehicle
  • Ability to display 2 modes (transverse or Longitudinal)
  • Automatic display as soon as the route in reverse
  • By pressing the button the parking aid


  • Only Audi Q7 (4M) with navigation MMI Navigation (7UF) and MMI Navigation Plus (7UG)


  • Original parts Audi

1'490 Frs. (Installation included)

Reversing front and rear radar - new Audi A3 (8V)

Addition of 8 sensors radar as factory on the new Audi A3 (8V) with display of each sensor on the display of your MMI system

  • 6 Sensors (depending on original code) body colour
  • 2 Black sensors in the front grille
  • Calculator Audi
  • Digital bus wiring
  • Coding, programming
  • Activation on MMI Navigation, Navigation display +.

1'990 Frs. (Installation included)
(Parts original Audi)


After sales service

Our after sales service for electronics and multimedia devices

Link - refiXit.ch

DAB+ for Audi & VW

Addition of function DAB+ same as factoray
  1. MMI2G
  2. MMI3G
  3. MMI3G+
  4. RMC
  5. RNS-850
  6. RNS-510
  7. Discover Pro
  8. Discover Media
  9. PCM3.1
  10. .....
from 790 Frs. (Installation included)

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Rear view on
new Audi A3 (8V)

  • Adding on the new Audi A3 (8V) of the reversing camera on systems MMI Navigation, MMI Navigation + MIB Standard MIB Standard Nav, MIB High

990 Frs. (MIB - including mounting)

1'290 Frs.(MMI - including mounting)

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