Audi VZE - Traffic Sign Assist

Reading and display of traffic signs

We can add on the latest generation vehicles equipped with the virtual cockpit:

  • Audi A3 (8V)
  • Audi A4 (8W)
  • Audi A5 (F5)
  • Audi Q2 (GA)
  • Audi Q5 (FY)
  • Audi Q7 (4M)
  • Audi R8 (8S)
  • Audi TT (4S)
  • Seat Ateca (KH7)
  • Seat Leon (5F)
  • Skoda Octavia (5E)
  • Skoda Superb (3V)
  • Volkswagen Golf 7 (5Q)
  • Volkswagen Passat (3G)
  • Volkswagen Sharanb (7N2)
  • Volkswagen Touran (5T)
  • Volkswagen Tiguan (AD1)

Real-time reading of traffic signs, coming from the camera mounted at the top of the windshield.

Available on virtual cockpit and / or head-up display

Adjustment of the signs in the event of works, reunification or any provisional modifications

Price: 390 Frs.

CAUTION: Some vehicles already have the camera in the windshield but it is nevertheless necessary to replace it and calibrate.

Head-up display (HUD), Virtual Cockpit and reading road signs (VZE)

La fonction VZE - Lecture des panneaux de signalisation est lues par la caméra d'aide aux assistances et affiché en instantané sur l'affichage tête haute (HUD) et le porte instrument virtual cockpit.