DAB+ - Volkswagen



Big news:

We have the privilege to announce to you that we can make the change of the RNS-510 or Columbus car stereos for the reception of digital radio DAB +.

The function is added inside the RNS-510 for a device as if it was equipped with factory.

  • Full management by the touchscreen of the RNS-510
  • His crystal clear quality
990 Frs. (material and labor)

DAB+ - RNS-850

Adding function DAB+ on the original Volkswagen RNS-850 system

  • DAB, DAB+ function fits perfectly into the vehicle and allows you to access all functionality through the RNS-850
  • The control is passed via the original DAB the MMI interface
  • The DAB text support
  • DAB and DAB + codec to know the older DAB stations are received
  • The use of the original car antenna system
  • The result is a better quality of reception

DAB for clear reception and without noise
Unlike the transmission analog FM DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) is a new method for digital transmission of signals radio via a network of terrestrial transmitters. It offers listeners a wider choice and varied information, clear sound without any sound. With DAB digital stations there are no frequencies to remember.

What distinguishes DAB+ from DAB?

  • DAB+ is an evolution of the DAB standard, thus takes the functions of DAB, but offers additional benefits. The technical difference is the type of audio encoding, IE both standards use different methods for the preparation before and after data transfer. Then DAB uses compression MPEG-1 Layer-2, MPEG - 4 DAB HE - AAC v2 audio compression most effective used worldwide.

DAB, DAB+ for RNS 850 is suitable for the following vehicles:

  • VW Touareg (7P) (RNS850)


  • There is no automatic search for stations, it must be started manually via the MMI
  • Manual adjustment is necessary for regional groupings as the car moves in all regions with different regional groupings
  • There are no new analysis required for global sets.
  • No automatic switching from DAB  <-> FM
  • Vehicles with preparation DAB be used able to factory pre-programming DAB antenna
  • Depending on the vehicle different antenna modules are required:

990 Frs. (Installation included)

A recent review of DAB stations can be found

Information about issuers DAB, DAB+

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